Happy Pack


Full Overlap Box

Material: FSC Certified Corrugated B,C,E Flute, Kraft Paper, White Paper, Coated Paper
Size: Customization
Color: CMKY, Pantone, Solid Color Printing
Application: Clothing, Shoes, Health & Beauty, Purse
  • Detail Intruduction

Product display

Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box
Full Overlap Box

Product advantages

Improve Customer Experience

1. Improve customer experience

- Customer can understand product within one glance

- Unique and easy opening experience

- Greatly increases end customers satisfaction

Perfect Representation Of Brand

2. Perfect representation of brand

- Improve brand identity with green environmental-friendly packaging

- No adhesive tape or other layer of packaging

- Cleaner look for a more complete display

More Environmental-Friendly Solutions

3. More environmental-friendly solutions

- Tape on the surface is re-used and the carton can be 100% recycled

- Capable of equipping up to 3 tearing strips to greatly reduce waste

Innovative Structural Tear Tape

4. Innovative structural tear tape

- Tested for more than 100 hours in different temperature and humidity conditions ranging from the coldest city (Yakeshi -40) to the hottest city (Turpan +80).

- The tape is sticky enough to hold and meet transportation requirements

Patented Innovative Wave Centrifuge Paper Design

5. Patented innovative wave centrifuge paper design

- Easy to peel off

- Wear gloves in the winter? Not an issue!

Biodegradable Tape

6. Biodegradable Tape

- Traditional OPP tape is non-degradable and may damage the environment

Design And Structure Customization

7. Design and structure customization

- Marry up with the overall branding of the company

- Our customized, authentic packaging leaves customers with a top-of-mind experience

Decrease Supply Chain Cost By Saving Time And Effort

8. Decrease supply chain cost by saving time and effort

- Safe packing speed: rapid and smooth stripping, only 8 seconds required to pack which is 3 times faster than traditional packing

- Quick unpackaging (3 seconds or less) without tools like knives and scissors, which are more efficient and reduces labor costs and avoids injury


9. Tamper-evident

- The tidy packaging gives you the satisfaction in knowing that your product wasn’t accessed by anybody else. However, if somebody unpacks it deliberately, you can easily identify the unauthorized access and simply refuse to accept it.

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